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We combine our homemade

meatballs with chunks of

potatoes, carrots and zucchini. 

This hardy soup is served with tortillas 

Large Bowl  (quart) 14.50

Clam Chowder or Chicken Tortilla 

Cup (1/2 pint) 5.50   Small Bowl ( pint)  12.50  Large Bowl  (quart) 14.50


This traditional soup starts with tender pieces of

tripe with kernels of hominy simmered in our

savory broth and seasoned to perfection. 

Served with diced onions, oregano, lemon and tortillas 

Small Bowl (pint) 12.50  Large Bowl  (quart) 14.50


Our family's recipe begins with tender pieces of

 pork with kernels of hominy simmered with the perfect blend of seasoning.  Served with

green cabbage, onions and tortillas  

Small Bowl  12.50  Large Bowl  14.50


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